A good start to this week (W/C 23rd Feb) with 6 bets placed and 6 winners taking the bank to an all time high of £47, no bets on Tuesday but Wed produced a first bet loser, followed by 3 winners. I must admit I am starting to enjoy this now and have found that I am able to read the market and back out of stupid bets I would have previously rushed into. I will also give you a bit of advice for free. If you already have this system do not bet on 6 fl races, these seem to produce varied results and due to the short length of the race can produce unexpected winners with this system. Longer races are much better as it gives the market favourites more time to get into their stride and thus increases the chances of successful bets. Of course these are just my findings and you may disagree, but something to bear in mind. Anyway that’s me up to date.