As you may have seen I have been testing the Lay Trader since Feb 2nd with very promising results. I have decided to do a final summary of my experience as I have just started to test and implement two new racing products and this has been pushed to the back of my testing temporarily. In all I have been very impressed with the results from the Lay Trader. If you are looking for consistent profits over a long period of time, you should definitely add this technique to your portfolio. It will not make you a millionaire and you will find that you have losing days as with any betting strategy, however, it has convinced me that it is a viable tool to make between £300 and £500 a month to level £20 stakes on the exchanges. As you will have seen from my blog, I started with a bank of just over £11, this has since grown to £75 without the need for adding funds.

Out of 20 bets, only 3 lost and all to limited liability. (This is probably not the best few weeks to show you as I was not betting every day due to family and work commitments). I made £48.83 profit in a little under 6 weeks to £2 level stakes. Ok not a huge amount but it’s to stakes of just £2, so when we multiply it to £20, that’s a cool £480 (or a PS3 as I experienced last week), not bad for a few minutes work on each race.

On to the bad points. This is not a guide you can just pick up, implement and make instant money. I would recommend paper trading for 2 weeks as you WILL make mistakes. You will also quickly learn that the guide is by no means comprehensive, but you will make your own adjustments just by watching the results. Since I started I have added in an extra 4 criteria to all of my selections, which means I find less opportunities but my bank rises faster than it would. I was probably very lucky in the 1st week not to make too many losses and I would not suggest just using a bank of £11, use the £40 it recommends and see how you get on.

The system has paid for itself and will continue to do so. As soon as I hit the £100 bank I will trade with £5 stakes and increase them as my bank does. I hope this gives you all an insight into a potentially successful product.

You can get The Lay Trader here: