With not much racing on recently I decided to have a look at another laying system… The Lay Trader.

I had a play yesterday afternoon late on and won three bets straight away, so it has peaked my interest. Although it is called ‘Trader’ it’s not Betfair trading as you are only laying a single horse to lose in a race and not trading off or greening up at any point.

The drawback of this system is that it has to be played out in the live market which, I suspect, is why they called it Trader, and you have to be checking Betfair stats ten minutes before the off. So if you have to work during the week then this would only be appropriate to use at weekends or while the boss isn’t looking.

It’s a very simple system to operate and what I particularly like is that you never lay a horse above 5.0 and so limit your liabilities.

Being a live market system I won’t be able to test it everyday so I’ll just let you know how I get on generally.