There has been an interesting development since yesterday as I have heard back from the system author about a certain ambiguity in one of the selection criteria. It transpires that I have been disqualifying some selections that would actually have qualified, which would explain the limited number of bets we have been getting.

So now that’s cleared up, today, instead of being another no bet day, actually has three! I’ll have to continue this test for another month now to see the difference it makes.

So on to today we have:

2.50 – Folkstone – Gustavo (6.6)

4.10 – Taunton – Bills Echo (4.1)

4.20 – Folkstone – Corrib Eclipse (5.2)

We are aiming for £12 on each now as well so I had to add a little to my betting bank to cover it. This is why I’ve never been too keen on laying… if these three win it’ll take out the whole betting bank! Hmmmm…..