You know, I think I prefer my slant on the selection procedure. Yes, there are fewer bets but it showed a profit and that is after all the whole point of the project!

Today is a very odd day using the system… it’s thrown up three hot favourites, two of which are in the same race! Surely this is madness?

4.00 – Towcester – Over The Creek (1.67)

4.40 – Wincanton – Sonevafushi (3.1) and Risk Accessor (5.1)

What’s going on? Over the Creek is a hot odds-on favourite and tipped to win by, well, almost everyone and as for the Wincanton race… the opinion seems to be that one or the other will take it, leaving us out of pocket either way. The only thing going for the 4.40 is that none of the horses have raced for a long time so it adds a greater element of chance… but we shall just have to see. I’ve still layed them but I can’t bring myself to watch it.