Well that was pants wasn’t it???

People ask me why I don’t like laying systems and this is why. You spend five weeks building up your winnings slowly and steadily to see them all go to waste on one losing bet at 9/1. Not only have my profits up to now been wiped out but also half my betting bank, which now stands at £50. How messed up is that? At the moment it looks like this laying system works better as a backing system!

I think for future system tests I will only consider laying systems that lay short priced or odds-on favourites. Sure you will get more losing bets but they won’t be devastating to both your betting bank and your morale! Can you believe I have seen some laying systems that advocate laying horses up to 20/1? Crazy.

Right, no bets today, which is good because I just kicked my laptop out the window and now have to get it fixed.