No bet today. 

Right well that’s one month of testing and had I not implemented the revised selection procedure yesterday we would have made a profit of £50 from 16 bets starting with a £100 betting bank. Not bad.

It turns out that yesterday we had one non-runner, one winner giving us £12, but one losing bet costing £67. So that means a loss of £5 for the month. The problem here is that we don’t know the true figure had I been using the correct selection procedure from the beginning of the month as we may have had a lot more winning bets so I’ll carry on this test one more month.

I do quite like this system as it’s very quick to do in the morning but I’m still not keen on laying systems anyway simply because of what a few losing bets can do to your bank. We spent a month making £50 and lost the lot on one bet!