Hi All 

It’s André again. This month I’ll be testing The Legacy System, which comes with the Saver System, which Graham ‘The Cash Master’ Master has already tested and approved. 

I’ve actually been secretly testing this system on the quiet for the last month although I wasn’t supposed to test it until this month. I’m very pleased to say I’m impressed with the results (makes a nice change for those of you who have been reading my other test blogs, lol). 

This system is best known for being used during the flat season only although it can be used in the National Hunt. It’s kind of like the Mega Buster where you check the races for certain criteria but the system tells you which courses to look at also kind of like the 77% system. 

Heres last months results:- 

It’s produced a 48.57% strike rate out of 35 bets. Ive been using the Cash Master software with a 500th of my bank as the Profit Per Race. This has given a 6.48% return on the bank total. However, if I was using level stakes it would have given a staggering 15.95 Pts profit, that’s £1595.00 profit at £100 stakes. Not bad at all.

I going to just blog each days results the next day. At the end of the month I’ll have 2 months of results to share with you.