I am running this test on The Life System from James Fitzmaurices Ladder Systems.

The system uses a stop in profit system (with a target of 1 point per day, not just stop at a winner, with a stop loss, should that be required. It is straight forward, but you need to be available during the day to place bets due to previous results.

No form study is required, but access to the Racing Post in paper or internet format is.

The system comes as a thirteen page e-book, the first three pages written as a kind of foreword by the original writer of the system.

The book advises a 300-point bank to start with, so I intend to start with a £600 bank, so therefore £2 level stakes each bet, as there are multiple selections in each race. This would allow for ten consecutive days of bets reaching the stop loss without any profit being made, which the ebook gives the impression would be next to impossible.

The system does not cover evening racing, and not on Saturdays due to races not allowing sufficient breathing space to obtain results, and to place the required bets on the next race.

So as not to give the system away in detail, I will not be advising the names of the horses, just the times of the race, the course, and the loss or profit on each race.

So here goes with todays results:

12:20 Musselburgh
Loss on race: £6.00

12:30 Lingfield
Loss on race: £6.00

12:50 Musselburgh
Profit on race: £11.78

13:00 Lingfield
Profit on race: £17.10

Starting Bank: £600.00
Profit / Loss: £16.88
Current Bank: £616.88

A good start to the test, only four races needed to achieve the profit target for the day. I hope it continues……