We reviewed The Longshot King service back in March and gave it a
hearty Approved rating based on the fact that it made £519 profit
with just £10 stakes in two months.

So how has it done since then?

Well, again at just £10 stakes it made the following:

March £360
April £960
May £260
June £310

And it is already £870 up so far in July.

I get asked fairly often which systems and services I use in my own
personal betting portfolio and this is most certainly included. If
anyone has any doubts that it is possible to make a decent income
backing horses at low stakes then prepare to have those doubts
shattered. The Longshot King does it, and does it so well I just
wish I had come across this service years ago. It would have saved
me a lot of messing about.

But that’s not all….

If you join the Longshot King before midnight tonight he is going
to give you a great guarantee, which is that if he does not make
you a profit during Glorious Goodwood this week then he will give
you your second month totally free of charge… so he’s taking all
the risk.

Richard has recorded a video on his site explaining what the
service is all about and also shows proof of how his bets
quadrupled a bank of £500 to £2000 in ten weeks.

Check it out here:


P.S. I just got an e-mail about this from one of the Cash Master
bloggers, Liam, who I’m sure many of you know doesn’t mince his

“Best service I’ve ever been in, good bloke too. Liam”

P.P.S The site doesn’t seem to open fully in IE or Safari, so paste the above link into a Firefox or Google Chrome browser.