One non-runner and a loser yesterday. So at the end of this November we had a profit of £264. We had 26 winning bets and 28 losers giving a strike rate of 48.15%. The strike rate has been good but the profits pretty average due to the 5% staking. Still at least it’s a profit. We are still down on the two months though, again because 5% staking which saved our bacon in October actually means it takes longer to recover. I will run this for one more month before passing verdict. If it can keep up this strike rate then it may be one to consider but I want to see a profit from it first.

Five today:

12.10 – Newcastle – Low Reactor
12.50 – Towcester – Spartacus Bay
2.00 – Towcester –  Cee Cee Rider
7.00 – Wolverhampton – Brazilian Brush
7.30 – Wolverhamptom – Salute
Bank: £1,322
November P/L: £264