The Money Box Final Review.

The final results for the three month test were as follows:

October: -£942
November: £264
December: -£84

Total Loss: -£762

With this system I used a betting bank of £2000 and staked 5% of the bank on each selection.

I really had trouble deciding whether to put this in the Failed Section or Neutral Section. The problem with this kind of system is that, like a lot of backing systems, you really can have a few bad months followed by a few cracking months so ultimately I had to decide whether, in my opinion, I feel that this system is capable of producing good long term annual results.

Based on the fact that the selection criteria is almost solely derived from spotting a difference of opinion between the Sun newspaper and the Racing Post I would have to say that I doubt this is really a good earner long term. If the results on their website are to be believed then I am of the opinion that these results were more down to luck rather than any sensible and predictable selection criteria. For that reason I have decided to fail this system.

I had an e-mail from a reader that was reluctant to buy the Racing Post and Sun newspapers everyday and therefore tested the system in exactly the same way but using Sporting Life and The Racing Post online. However, his results were pretty similar. It threw up different selections, but they lost too.

It was a shame because at one point in December, it did pretty well and in fact made back all the losses and even got us into profit but it doesn’t take long for that to all get wiped away again. Ultimately I know that I personally wouldn’t bother using this system unless it had two or three years proofed results to indicate that it can be profitable over the longer term. Even though they have a free telephone line service giving the daily selections, which must cost them a bit to maintain and run,  I simply have no inclination to keep checking it everyday and checking the results, let alone actually bet on them and I doubt if anyone else would, even if they had paid £95 for the system.

So with that I’m afraid I cannot endorse this system. The only Money Box getting filled with this is the bookies!

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