Hello it’s Graham. Thought it was time I did a blog myself.

Well, you asked for more backing systems so we have six on the go at the moment. I’ve been hearing a lot of hoo harr about the latest offering from Sportsworld Publishing, namely The Money Box. I bought their previous system, the Money Vault, which created quite a stir earlier in the year but I had no luck with it at all. The problem being that bets had to be placed in the few seconds before the off and therefore different users were getting wildly different results. Of course the results published by Sportsworld were fantastic but I just didn’t seem to get those myself, and nor did a lot of others by all accounts.

The Money Box, however, is a completely different style of backing system. It’s entirely mechanical so everyone using the system correctly will get the same selections to bet on. They also offer a free tipping line service for a few months after purchase just so that you can check you are getting the right selections. You are required to use The Sun newspaper and The Racing Post newspaper for the information required and you can make your selections and bet in the morning before work if needed.

They advise a 5% staking plan, so for the test I started with a £2000 imaginary betting bank and my first stake was £100. The idea is that for every £2000 profit you make, you withdraw that £2000 and start again. This way, your maximum stake is only ever going to be £200 but should you hit a losing run, the betting bank is always secure.

The published results from this February show a £14,000 profit so far. I began my test on October 2nd and the results as you can see have not been good. However, racing is always a bit hit and miss when we swap from the flat to National Hunt so we shall see if it manages to recover and produce a profit.

This kind of system will probably require more than a month to tell if it’s any good. I may not blog this every day but I will certainly update you at least once a week as to how I’m getting on.

Ok, the results from 2nd October until yesterday are as follows. I include the horse, the profit, current bank and current stake.

Date     Horse                Race                 P/L       Profit     Bank     Stake
02-Oct  Dart                  8.20 Kemp        -£100    -£100    £2,000  £100
04-Oct  Silca Key          6.50 Kemp        -£95      -£195    £1,900  £95
04-Oct  Lady Sorcerer    7.20 Kemp        £83       -£112    £1,805  £90
06-Oct  Amarna             2.35 Kemp        -£94      -£206    £1,888  £94
07-Oct  Kie Kaha           2.30 Utto           £133     -£73      £1,794  £90
            Sunley Shines   2.40 Hunt          £250     £177     £1,927  £96
            Zirkel                4.50 Hunt          -£100    £77       £2,177  £109
10-Oct  Opus Café         2.50 Exe           -£104    -£27      £2,077  £104
            Thenford Star     3.50 Exe           -£99      -£126    £1,973  £99
11-Oct  Counting House 2.00 Ling           -£94      -£220    £1,874  £94
            Royal Rationale 2.20 Winc         -£89      -£309    £1,780  £89
            Spinning Coin    3.35 Ling           -£85      -£394    £1,691  £85
            Tepee               6.50 Kemp        -£80      -£474    £1,606  £80
12-Oct  Kasnani            4.10 Carl           -£76      -£550    £1,526  £76
13-Oct  Henrys Pride     3.25 Bang         -£73      -£623    £1,450  £73
            Theatrical Moment  4.15 Chep         -£69      -£692    £1,377  £69
            Nez Rouge        4.35 Bang         £162     -£530    £1,308  £65
            My Condor        5.10 Bang         -£74      -£604    £1,470  £74
14-Oct  Fowey               2.10 Ling           -£70      -£674    £1,396  £70
            Bencorr             2.45 Ling           -£66      -£740    £1,326  £66
As you can see in the last two weeks we have lost £740 so it will be interesting to see how it pans out over the next few weeks!