I just wanted to pen a qualification on my review of The Money Line.

I believe that, long-term, The Money Line will not produce a reasonable return. To me, it looks like a 50/50 BET for more-or-less evens. I say BET as I believe that the way Jason reports (or reported) his results taught folks to hang on to trades until The Money Line was retouched rather than trade out.

I also believe that Jason will be able report good profits, and the system will look like it is working, especially in the current climate that is leading to choppy ForEx with sudden and dramatic reversals. These market conditions will change eventually and I believe that the system won’t work when the markets trend like they used to (assuming we ever return to those days!).

However, I am unused to Binary ForEx and I could be wrong.

So, I am not doing a trial on this, because I suspect that I would make a profit over 3 months. Even so, I would not be comfortable in approving this for the reason stated above.

So why Failed and not Neutral? Because I believe that the techniques Jason was teaching are dangerous for new traders. If the product was aimed at intermediate to experienced traders looking to break in to Binaries I would have probably given this a neutral rating.

However, the reporting method has now been changed and so there appears to be less chance now that a beginner will use the system incorrectly.

In other reviews I save Fails for systems that make significant losses, I believe over time this system will more or less return break-even, and as my major objection has been addressed I am happy to recategorise this a Neutral

Also, there is a cast iron money back guarantee, so if you want to have a look and paper-trade, it isn’t going to cost you anything if you decide it’s not for you.

You can try it here: