Final review

This guy is good. Over the 3 month review he has made a profit to early advised prices, Betfair SP win and place, and Betfair SP win only. An excellent final month was capped when Majestic Dawn won the Cambridgeshire (advised at 50/1). But that wasn’t a one off bit of luck (though without that excellent winner, Betfair SP win only would have been a loser for the review period). September’s profit of 64 points was a very decent conclusion to the review.
Staking is sensible, usually 1-3 points outlay per bet.

I have monitored this service for the three month period beginning July 1st. With average odds of 10.5 thus far, you can expect long losing runs and losing months too (although all three months of the review showed a decent profit). However, for those punters with patience, the service has averaged 20 points profit per month since proofing began last December. The advised bank of 150 points has never been in any danger.

Any service which can show a fair profit at Betfair SP is always of interest to me. And for those with unconstrained bookie accounts, you would have made some very good money with this service, especially if you got on early at the advised prices.

Here are the headline stats for the 3 month review:

384 bets; 67 winners; 52 placed; 265 losers

ROI: advised prices 18%; Betfair win & place -5% commission 11%; Betfair win only -5% commission 8.7%

Longest losing run: 20 (35 points)

Strike rate: win; 17.44% win & place 30.98%

Points staked: 689

P/L: Advised early prices: +124; Betfair win & place -5% commission +76; Betfair win only -5% commission +60

My own target for a very good service is 20+ points profit a month, and that this was achieved here at win only Betfair SP is impressive. The early advised prices yielded double that. So, were the results skewed by the big winner of the Cambridgeshire? Well, yes and no. Without that win, Betfair win only would have been a losing bet, and I would advise against going down that road. By the way, Betting Gods do not record results from Betfair for this service, this is just my own reference as I know there are many Cash Master subscribers who, like me, do not use bookies.

Without the Majestic Dawn winner, advised prices would still have been 64 points up, so ahead of my 20 point per month target. BSP would have been 25 points up, and even 8 points profit a month would make this service worth considering. And it was no fluke that Majestic Dawn was identified as a bet, there are many other good priced winners, all available for viewing on the Betting Gods website.

This is an APPROVED service from me.

You can try The Outside Edge here