“How The Secrets Within A 50 Year Old Racing Book Discovered In The Attic, Transformed MyLaughable Selection Method Into
A Betfair Cash Cow!”

This strategy is the brainchild of a a guy called Denis Hatcher (via Tipster Supermarket).

Essentially, this a tipping service that provides a daily email to subscribers who are to back multiple selections to Betfair SP.

“… be assured that every horse is on the list because it has a calculated advantage over the rest of the field….. not all will run big races but out of the selections some will invariably go on to win, and sometimes at big prices.”

Denis runs through the racecards each morning day and determines the qualifiers. In the qualifiers email he will advise a number of selections in MAIN and SECONDARY lists with ‘spares’.
The spares are to be considered in the event of one or more runners in the list becoming a non-runner shortly before the off.

The main list contains the strongest races for value.

The secondary list is made up of races that have hit the same criteria as the first but may contain a lot of really big priced selections. (In his opinion, the best races to bet on are the more balanced races that have a spread of prices). The races in the secondary list do provide winners but carry slightly higher risk.
Back in September of last year Denis tipped his selections via the Tipster Supermarket blog…. and it impressively claims to have made 116 points between early September 2014 and mid January 2015, so well worth a review on Cashmaster. (Incidentally, the results provided during this period INCLUDE results of the secondary list)


There are one or two caveats to consider in terms of the results though, and that is that subscribers wont necessarily get exactly the same results in terms depending upon a couple of choices they will have to make for themselves…..
In the selections list that is received, the early prices are advised and it is personal choice whether to take the early prices OR place your bets to Betfair SP . (the downside to waiting later in the day to secure those potentially nicer profits that can come from taking BSP prices…. is due to a filtering criteria that must be applied before your bets are placed , if bets are placed too late in the day you could find that a qualifying race earlier in the day is no longer qualifying, the price of one of the runners having steamed to the extent that if it were to win, a profit on that race is no longer possible).  Furthermore, the instructions do state “…as long as you secure the lowest priced selection’s price at or the above the price for the criteria, it’s up to you when to take the price of the remainder.” Essentially, you could feasibly take the early price and back the rest to BSP.
So for the purposes of this review I will blog results to advised / early prices for ALL selections.
Regarding staking : the recommendation here is also personal choice, but you need to be aware that we are not dutching selections in each race, all selections are level stakes back bets and with upto 6 selections per race – realistically, you will need to consider that there will most probably be times when there will be a run of losing races and with this number of bets – an appropriate drawdown on the bank. So for the purposes of this blog I will record simply in points won or lost.
I have been following this service now since the middle of this month and so far progress has been a little laboured and far from easy, perhaps due in part  to that bi-annual event that is the transition between from jumps to flat in the racing calendar.
Results :
14-Mar -16.96
15-Mar -3
16-Mar -2.535
17-Mar -0.425
18-Mar 7.77
19-Mar 0
20-Mar -3
21-Mar -9.41
22-Mar 2.355
23-Mar -2.49
24-Mar -5
25-Mar 1.535
26-Mar -4.45
27-Mar -13
28-Mar 10.1

P/L : -38.5 pts

So as you can see – clearly, not the best of starts to a review…. however… Denis did some analysis of the races for the start of the flat season and this may offer a glimmer of hope for the new season about to get underway … although he did leave it to subscribers whether they got involved or otherwise (Denis wont be including these in his official results), perhaps many wish they had…!

28-Mar -13.47
29-Mar 37.10

P/L : +23.6 pts

Of course this may have been a lucky strike so to speak, but if this is the shape of things to come…..

One final thing, he is offering a two week trial period for £1 and thereafter £29.95 + VAT per month thereafter. So, if you find this service really isn’t for you, before the two week trial is up cancel the subscription and there is nothing further to pay.

 I will get back in touch with progress mid April.
You can try this for £1 here: