It is a little hard to know how to rate this system.  Lets start with the basics.

You get a short, 5-page manual, the first two pages of which are the title page and copyright statement, and the final page is contact information. I am OK with this.

The rules are simple, but I did have to contact the author, Paul Fowlie, for clarification on one of the rules. I received a quick response which clarified the rule.

To use the system as described you need to be able to watch the odds on live markets, so this may not a system for people who work during the day. However, Paul suggests that the system is botable using Grey Horse Bot. This does come with the caveat that it may find different selections to using the advertised method. As I do not have Grey Horse Bot I was unable to confirm what selections would have been made and whether this would have returned different profits.

In the first 4 days it showed a profit of £93.10. After a slight wobble it then pushed on to +£128 on day 11. The system then wobbled again so that by day 18, the profit was still +£122. This profit was lost over the next 8 days to leave the profit at +£16.

It is difficult to know whether we had a standard start followed by some unlucky losses, or a lucky start followed by standard losses. The run of 10 straight losses that finalised the test would ruin any system! Without those first 4 days though, the results would have been firmly in the red, and this would suggest a lucky start rather than an unlucky finish.

As we ended more or less where we started, I can only recommend to Graham that this system is given a neutral rating. Please note that I got off to what appears to be a lucky start, you might not be as fortunate!

You can get Place To Lay here: