Last week I mentioned about the free €50,000 prize up for grabs for anyone registering at The Players Lottery.

If you haven’t already registered then I’d advise doing so because it takes two minutes, doesn’t require you to purchase anything or even enter any credit card details. Someone is going to win the €50,000 anyway so for the sake of two minutes of your time, it really makes sense. After all, it could be you!

What I didn’t mention last week was that anyone that has registered has the opportunity to join The Great People’s Ticket. This is also completely free and basically means if this ticket wins the €10,000,000 prize, the prize money will be shared out between whoever joined.

So there you have it. Two chances of winning some free cash, at no cost to yourself and only two minutes sorting it out.

Have a look at the video presented by Carol Smillie (remember she used to present The National Lottery?):