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Fully Automated Football Betting

During my many years involved in teaching betting and trading strategies I’ve been fortunate to have met and taught people from varied backgrounds.

Doctors, pilots, city traders, barristers, IT specialists, owners of large businesses, university lecturers etc.

Another such person I came across recently is a chap called Dale. Dale is a graduate statistician and a bot programming expert who writes bespoke automated betting programs for individuals worldwide.

The Prince and the Tiger strategy was born 15 years ago when Dale was studying for his degree. Dale and a fellow student (The Prince) had to write a 30,000 word dissertation around statistics and argue the case whether historical statistics could be relied upon to predict possible future results.

They both loved football and so it was natural for them to base their dissertation around historical football results. Their painstaking and exhaustive research covered 17 years worth of data across several national leagues.

Besides securing them both a fine degree, the research uncovered a pattern that Dale realised they could exploit by placing bets. Manually placing multiple bets is very time consuming and the strategy really needed automating.

It is only relatively recently that the technology has been available to enable Dale to automate the strategy.

Using his years of experience with betting bots and with the aid of web scraping for statistics, it took him 8 months of hard work to write the strategy into a working, fully automated program.

As you will see from the results, Dale has been personally running the strategy automatically since 1st February.



  • 521 bets
  • 491 winners
  • 30 losers
  • Almost unheard of strike rate at 94.2%
  • Av 49 points per month profit
  • £2713 Profit in 6 months using only £10 level stakes

We’ve never had a losing month!

We will happily send to any interested parties the full list of every single bet placed which has been downloaded directly from our bot.


What You Get With Your Purchase


We supply you with a long term proven strategy for you to upload directly into a third party bot. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do that, we will help!

Then just turn your computer on and go about your business! Totally hands free!

No having to watch the game live. No pre-match analysis required to find qualifying games… the bot does it all for you!

The bot will assiduously monitor games worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and when our pre-programmed conditions are met it will fire bets into the market… all whilst you are tucked up in bed or watching Celebrity Antiques Roadshow.

You receive our ongoing personal support too


which I usually sell for £179.



One Year Licence

From your date of purchase the settings will work for one calendar year…£395


Three Year Licence

From your date of purchase the settings will work for three calendar years…£695

Please note: You will need a separate subscription to BF Bot Manager. What you are purchasing here is the strategy file that runs on it and of course full support.

For any questions, please contact me directly at: [email protected]