I’ve got something for you today that’s not only completely free but also fully automated and potentially extremely profitable.

It all starts with a Nigerian Prince… I’m not even kidding.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a tale about someone trying to get treasure out of another country who needs your help… remember those emails a few years back?

This story is actually true, even if it is laughably unbelievable, but let’s first put things into context.

Although there is no official monarchy in Nigeria anymore, it is still made up of different groups of people and religions who have their own monarchs, and these monarchs are still important. With each king comes a large band of princes and princesses. Not only that, the cousins and second cousins also claim they are princes and princesses too.

So there are many of them running around.

One of these just so happened to attend Huddersfield University in the UK to study statistics.

Stay with me here….

While he was there he met Dale.

Dale writes bespoke betting strategies on BF Bot Manager and sells them worldwide. They got along well as they had a mutual interest in boths stats and betting.

This Nigerian lad had the idea of using his expertise in stats and combining it with Dales ability to write automated betting programs.

He exhaustively researched 17 years of data and asked Dale to somehow convert and use all that information and turn it into automated betting bot.

Dale liked the idea and spent the next six months writing the triggers and finally came up with 70 individual betting strategies that run in several leading football leagues.

He combined the entire portfolio into one BF Bot Manager settings file.

He then turned it on.

Have a look at this:

You can download the full results here

The bottom line is that in just under two months it’s made £1,657.11 profit to £25 lay stakes, with a 49.6% ROI and a 95% strike rate.

Now they want to see how it does for a larger audience and are offering this settings file COMPLETELY FREE until 8th May.

To protect liquidity the file comes with the stakes fixed at just £1.25 and the recommended betting bank for this is £250.

There are just over five weeks left until then end of the football season so whilst you won’t make a fortune in that time with these stakes, it should give you an idea as to how profitable this settings file can be over a full season and with larger stakes allowed.

If you don’t already subscribe to BF Bot Manager you will need to take out a subscription to run this file, and that comes with a free trial too.

You might also want to consider subscribing to a VPS so that it can run 24/7 without you having to leave your computer on, but that’s entirely up to you.

To get this file, including set up instructions, simply send an email to Paul Bent at:

[email protected]

He’ll get right back to you with all the details.

There is nothing to pay, just ask him for the files and instructions and off you go.

If you have any questions whatsoever about this, please email Paul directly.

I’ve just set mine up and have switched it on. Let’s see how it does over the next five weeks!

Oh and the tiger? Well, Dale got invited over to Africa to visit this lads family. It turns out that he actually has a white tiger!

True story.