The Pro Punter Package is essentially a horse racing ratings and selection package and is available for £19 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

The main “guts” of the system is a 14 chapter e- book that will walk the user through the key areas of rating a race .There are guides on how to proceed through the various stages of producing Form Ratings, Speed Ratings, Class Ratings and finally Pace Ratings .The book also narrows down the type of race on which the ratings plans should be employed .Finally once the various ratings are produced there follows a practical example of selection.

There is also a chapter on staking with 3 plans dependent on the amount of risk the user feels most comfortable with. The book concludes with a chapter that explains 3 simple but effective selection plans that can be easily deployed.

Following the procedures of selecting a race and then rating the race took me initially about an hour plus to produce the 4 sets of ratings .The speed ratings package is probably the slowest element of the 4 but with practice and a spreadsheet to record the ratings, and thus the start of a database, there is no doubt the whole procedure will become quicker .Subsequent efforts on 2 other races saw me get down to under one hour per race and I did find a winner as well.

However this is essentially a “mandraulic “system and this may well deter many people who want a fast result .No one is going to get rich quick and throw their job in next Monday morning because they invested in this system. Like many things in life what you get from this system really all depends on how much effort and time you are prepared to put in.The steps that the system goes through are logical and full of common sense and probably the sum of several years’ worth of betting experience condensed down into 14 chapters.

A few more worked examples of the final selection from the 4 sets of ratings would have been helpful but for only £19 it is as least as good if not better than many far more expensive products out there in the market.

As a first step into racing or indeed for those who have tried multiple quick fix solutions and failed or do not want to be tied to a tipster service this would be a very useful guide indeed. For those of you who fit these categories of would be punters I recommend this package.Approved2

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