I am going to take a look at The Professional Syndicate horse racing ratings. It claims to be ‘the number 1 horse racing ‘ratings’ service in the country’. There again, several other providers make the same claim (including Inform Racing mentioned in a recent CM post), and until somebody carries out a comprehensive Which? style survey of the top five or six (which is virtually impossible unless you can find a source to finance what would be a two year undertaking by at least one competent full time professional) we will have to rely on reports from users who understand how to make the most of any ratings.

The Professional Syndicate kicked off with a month’s free proofing to BetInfo24 and went on from there. There are testimonials from some very happy punters. However, as it says on the website:

I can tell you straight up (and I don’t mind admitting it) 25% of new members cancel their memberships after 1 month! So if you have just joined TPS, I want you to be aware that this is NOT a tipping service!

If you just bet on ALL the selections everyday, you will lose!
If you just bet level stakes on ALL 1st rated horses, you will lose!
If you want use one of our ‘Proven Strategies’ or put in some effort and test your own strategies then you will WIN!

Whilst I would certainly endorse the first two of those statements, the third should say can, rather than will win. They also say:

I can’t stress enough how important it is to adopt a strategy with our ratings. Which strategy you choose depends on your circumstances.

The size of your betting bank
How much time you have available?
What is a comfortable amount to win each day?
What level of risk are you comfortable with?

The first thing I noticed about the ratings is that a best and second best are given for every race, but unlike most other ratings services, there is no relative weight given to the selections. This may be deliberate, but I would rather it did have relative weighting so that I could decide which races to target and which to avoid. Furthermore, I would like to see relative weightings of different aspects, such as class, going, LTO etc, as you will find on Geegeez Gold, Racing Dossier, Inform Racing and several others. Not only would it then be easier to target certain races for backing, but you could also add a laying strand to the armoury. Without relative figures, we are left in the dark somewhat and have to rely on how the selections perform using one or more of the strategies suggested in the forum.

I started yesterday by recording all the runners and results, and quickly realised that I don’t have the time to do this for every race, and since we are advised not to simply bet on every race, I will rely on their own results to show percentages of winners and prices, etc. Rather, I will monitor their Best bet of the day, the Longshots and any Special forecast races as well as testing a couple of the strategies as advised by some of the subscribers in the forum. There are no ratings today (Sunday) so, although I can’t find anywhere where it specifically states they don’t do Sundays, I assume that is the case.

Monthly membership is £34.99 by Paypal, and there are discounts for longer period subscribers. Anyone interested can sign up here: