With the sun shining, the weather reminding us what July can be like and two consecutive days of profits, I had thought there was light at the end of the tunnel.  However, I didn’t expect that light to be an express train accelerating towards me.  There were five selections… four of them placed.  I was fortunate to miss the last race or it would have been seven selections and five placing: the slightly better strike rate would not have helped!!  

I did say that I will run the test until the end of the month, but I don’t see that there is much point: as I’m sure you will understand if you take a look at the betting bank.  I will instead keep a watching brief until the end of the month and then write up my final review.  I’m not going to hold my breath, waiting for fortunes to change.  I hope they do, but my worry is that flying pigs are in charge of the oxygen masks.


Sunday 27th July

14.30 Carlisle – Ridge Wood Dani – placed – £30 @ 1.63  -£18.90  LOSS

14.30 Carlisle – Bishopbriggs – unplaced – £30 @ 3.00  £28.50 PROFIT

15.35 Curragh – Fourpenny Lane – placed – £30 @ 3.50  -£75.00  LOSS

16.15 Carlisle – The Salwick Flyer – placed – £30 @ 3.70  -£81.00  LOSS

16.25 Pontefract – Dressed to Dance – placed £30 @ 2.74  -£52.20  LOSS

Starting bank:                £500
Daily P/L:                      -£198.60
Current bank:                 £100.95