After Friday’s frustrations (owing to a computer glitch there was another qualifier that I failed to get matched), it cant hurt to mention again that the liquidity, or lack of it, in the place market means that prices often move very sharply.  As a result, there can be a significant difference in the prices at which bets get matched and some system users may get their bets matched when others don’t.  However, this does tend to balance out over time.  Another result of this volatility is that the results from my test will differ in detail from the “official” results (those posted on the Profit Place website).  They should be broadly similar, however.

What with one thing and another, I’m running a bit behind, but yesterday was a profitable day.  A small profit, admittedly, but…

Saturday 6th July

14.25 Haydock – Captain Webb – unplaced – £50 @ 3.00  £47.50  PROFIT

15.35 Haydock – Buccellati – unplaced – £50 @ 2.28  £47.50  PROFIT

15.35 Haydock – Camps Bay – placed – £50 @ 2.50  -£75  LOSS

15.35 Haydock – Greek Envoy – unplaced – £50 @ 3.8  £47.50  PROFIT

20.25 Carlisle – Wind Shuffle – placed – £50 @1.50  -£25  LOSS 

Starting bank:                £500
Daily P/L:                       £42.50
Current bank:                 £811.50