Over the next month I shall be trialling The Profit Place.  This is a laying system and, as the name suggests, it’s for use in the place market.

Ive been using the system for around two week and so far I am very pleased with it.  I enjoyed reading the e-book and found the writing style to be easy to understand and user friendly.  The manual runs to 65 pages and, thankfully, rather than the almost inevitable Betfair guide there is a link to follow for anyone who isnt familiar with betting exchanges.  As with other manuals there are plenty of examples, but I found these to be useful, relevant and not just “fluff” and padding.  While I sure the essential information could be imparted in fewer pages it would be at a cost and I would sooner study something that is longer, but pleasant to read. 

The first page of the manual proclaims that “This is likely to be the best and safest gambling strategy you have ever purchased”.  Bold claims and I not yet in a position to comment, but the system does seem to combine a high strike rate with low odds.

I have found that the service The Profit Place provides is excellent.  I receive regular emails giving support and covering any points that may have arisen.  Also, for the first week after purchase, selections are provided in an email sent out early on the day of the racing.  This I found very useful as there are a number of filters that have to be applied when making selections and being able to cross check certainly builds confidence in the system.  At the end of the first week there is a subscription service available.  Normally I prefer to make my own selections and I shall do this throughout the test, however, I will also check my selections against the “official” ones in order to make sure I not missing or misinterpreting anything. 

The system has not been around for very long and the authors have taken on board user feedback and incorporated this into an updated version.  This doesnt mean that the goalposts have been moved, however some of the filters are easy enough to understand, but only after the “penny has dropped”.  Getting the penny to drop is not always easy and the latest version has made the explanations a lot clearer.

The selection criterion for this system seems quite ingenious, it is not something that anyone is likely to work out from looking at detailed results and after the days racing I will include the selections in my posts.  The actual selection process is slow and painstaking, however – though it soon speeds up with practice.  Fortunately, I didnt find that it was tedious as well.  Given the volatility of the place market – lack of liquidity causing sharp movements in prices – different people will get different results, however they should be broadly similar and I will only report the results I achieve and not the “official” results.

The recommendation is for a £500 starting bank and level stakes of £50.  Mention is made of using fixed liability and (in emails) of compounding, however for the sake of the test I will stick to level stakes.

Lastly, this is a system where it is necessary to be online just before the off.  So, Monday-Wednesday I will only be able to use it for evening races, but the rest of the week I will use it throughout the day.