days 11 and 12 (sat 14th and sun 15th)

day 11, 49 selections, 5 winners, 8 non-qualifiers, +10.15 points profit

day 12, 33 selections, 3 winners, 1 non-qualifier, +6.75 points profit

new bank £1505.70

profit so far £505.70

After 2 big losing days, back on track and a max price to lay has now been added to the selections, aiming to avoid the big liabilities we have seen. This managed to avoid a winner yesterday, however, the system is very time consuming now. For example, if there are 2 lays in a race with a max price to lay, and one is out of range then the race is a no bet. With the first qualifying race on Saturday being 1320 and the last being 2120, and racing all afternoon, you can see what I mean!

I am now using a bot to place the lays, but still need to keep checking for non-qualifiers to stop it laying only 1 selection in a race if the other is too big a price.