day 27 (friday 4th dec)

56 selections, 7 NQ, 8 winners, +1.2 points

bank £1378.90

day 28 and 29 basic figures from the bot

d28, 13 winners, -6.55 points, bank £1313.40

d29, 11 winners, +1.53 points bank £1328.70

Day 30, Monday 7th December, no selections.

So that is the end of the 30 day trial. The initial bank of £1000 grew by over 30% to £1328.70, which, at first glance, is very impressive! However, that is not the whole story. Most of the profit was gained in the first 2 weeks, peaking at £1557. From then on, we have seen a pattern of a big losing day followed by a small winning day, slowly eating away at the profits. We were unlucky to lay a big winner that is not on the official results, but this has been discussed and I have no problem with that winner, although it did result in a 10 point swing! Reviewing ‘The Rocket’ purely on profit, it gets a thumbs up.

Onto practicalities of operating the rocket. Selections are posted on a secure website before racing, and usually there are lays given in every race for the day, often 2 or more in a race and a max price to lay. Instructions are also given, for example, to ignore the race if one of the selections is a non-runner. To manually do every race would be very time consuming, so a bot is really needed. The bot I used took about 15 minutes a day to enter the selections, and would abort a race if one selection was a non-runner, however, where price stipulations were given, the bot would ignore the selection out of the price range but lay the other. I therefore had to look for potential races where this would be a problem and manually adjust the bets accordingly.

Anyone joining the rocket needs to be aware of the work involved here, however profit is profit, and it is a quick and easy process to enter selections after a day or 2.

The results page was updated regularly, although after a big losing day, the update was slower than usual, no doubt waiting for a winning day! My results, apart from the winner mentioned earlier, were very similar to the official results, sometimes better, sometimes worse, but overall about the same. Although we were losing in the last 2 weeks of the trial, I fully expect the profits to return when statistics given by the author return to normal (without giving too much away, the number of favourites winning is a lot higher than normal, affecting the system)

To conclude, the Profit Rocket definitely goes into the ‘approved’ list, with a very small negative for the time taken to operate it, unless using a bot.

I will certainly be using the rocket with my bot and will update this review in a month.

You can get The Profit Rocket here:


UPDATE 20th February

Firstly, an apology for the delay in this update, and secondly, an apology if you joined after my initial review.

The Profit Rocket started off amazingly well, and during the trial it continued to do well, my results being very similar to the published results. I am afraid it all went downhill from there! I continued with it until all the profit was gone, and I was in a loss situation – the highs and lows had happened before, but now, the lows were getting bigger and the highs, well, not as high.

Alarm bells really sounded when the lays were changed to firstly a max price to lay, then a max points to risk, then all lays to betfair s.p. Coupled with this, results were not updated after 5th January, and various excuses were given – author away, author abroad, poor connection, unavoidably busy, no internet when returning home, the list went on, even after a promise of an update.

We finally got a sort of update in that the problem was NH racing, and if we had only done the flat we would have been well ahead! The big loss was now a big profit, but still the official results page was not updated.

Results failed to pick up, I have not got exact figures as I was waiting for the update (the results were accurate), but, as it is not forthcoming, I can only assume the losses have got worse on the flat only. (days I did watch saw some days with an almost clean sweep of winners!)

The Profit Rocket has therefore had to be moved into the failed section, after starting off with so much promise. (how many times have we seen this happen)