Firstly, an apology for the delay in this update, and secondly, an apology if you joined after my initial review.

The Profit Rocket started off amazingly well, and during the trial it continued to do well, my results being very similar to the published results. I am afraid it all went downhill from there! I continued with it until all the profit was gone, and I was in a loss situation – the highs and lows had happened before, but now, the lows were getting bigger and the highs, well, not as high.

Alarm bells really sounded when the lays were changed to firstly a max price to lay, then a max points to risk, then all lays to betfair s.p. Coupled with this, results were not updated after 5th January, and various excuses were given – author away, author abroad, poor connection, unavoidably busy, no internet when returning home, the list went on, even after a promise of an update.

We finally got a sort of update in that the problem was NH racing, and if we had only done the flat we would have been well ahead! The big loss was now a big profit, but still the official results page was not updated.

Results failed to pick up, I have not got exact figures as I was waiting for the update (the results were accurate), but, as it is not forthcoming, I can only assume the losses have got worse on the flat only. (days I did watch saw some days with an almost clean sweep of winners!)

The Profit Rocket has therefore had to be moved into the ‘failed’ section, after starting off with so much promise. (how many times have we seen this happen)