Friday 31st July

Another good day to finish the test on.

All bets from Goodwood

2.10 Crime Scene, Drumfire, Unleashed
3.25 Laa Rayb (32.76), Cloudy Start, Crackdown,
4.00 Buzzword, Rakaan
5.10 Cosmopolitan, Red Dune, Golden Stream, Summer Fete (10.25)

Daily Profit:£290
Total Profit:+£1032

Final Review

Well, what can I say? What a great system!

This is a very simple system that targets specific trainers running horses at specific tracks. The idea is that certain trainers have shown they do very well at certain tracks so by backing any horse that particular trainer is running on that track, we can get in on gambles that the majority of punters won’t know about, nor the bookies. The result is some very nice priced winners.

I ran the test backing each horse at £10 level stakes, using the new selective method that the author released at the end of June. This gave me quite a few days where there were no bets, but on the days where there were qualified bets, we saw some amazing winners, especially using Betfair SP.

This system requires a certain amount of patience as you can go a week or two with not much happening but when you do hit the winners, they can be pretty spectacular. Much of the profit from this test came in on a few good days, with winners romping home at odds of 32, 38 and even 71!

In four weeks, betting with just tenners, this system made £1032 profit.

Buyers also receive access to Tony’s website where he lists each days qualifiers, so it takes minutes to do. If you want, you can do it yourself the evening before and place your bets at Betfair SP. I’deal for people that are not available to bet during the day.

So a big thumbs up for this system. Anyone that likes nice simple backing systems that produce big profits for small stakes would do well to add this one to their betting portfolios.

You can get The Protégé System here: