Final review

This service is reopening for 16 new customers so I thought it would be a good idea to review it based on the last 7 weeks of results.

The system is a lay system that requires you to bet if the odds meet the system requirements through Betfair and normal bookmaker odds of under 9/2.

You can bet in two ways, either bet in the morning if the odds are correct or, as I did, bet a few minutes before the off. There will be people that bet in the morning that get selections that might not qualify at the off, and vice versa. So you could have two sets of results.


For the first six weeks of the service the bank showed a profit of £26.

It was looking good until last week where there have been 5 losing bets which have made a total loss for the week of £62. So at the end the test the £200 bank finished at £164 meaning a loss overall of £36.

So overall with the bank showing a loss of £36 in 7 weeks I would have to fail the system.

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