Since the main Racing Professionals service only runs during the Flat season, they also have an All Weather service that runs all year round. They’ve given it the imaginative title of ‘AW Service”! Genius.

There are generally around 3-6 bets a day, although not every day so it’s a fairly relaxed service and bets are e-mailed early in the morning, usually around 7.30am.

The official results since it started last year show 300 points profit to Betfair SP (after commission) but I’ve been following the tips since the 1st of November and have made a rather impressive 119.35 points or £1193.50 to £10 level stakes (after Betfair commission).

Bets: 365
Successful: 79
Unsuccessful: 286
Strike Rate: 22%
Avg Odds: 14.2
Profit: £1193.50

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is an impressive result, especially considering the fact that you can place your bets in the early morning, or whenever you like during the day, at Betfair SP so you will always get the same results as the official results and you don’t have to rely on getting bookie best prices, or indeed having to deal with bookies at all, which is great news for those of you with restricted or suspended accounts.

This service clearly targets value bets, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to make a profit on Betfair, but the strike rate of 22% during my trial is actually pretty high for this type of betting too.

Overall I’m very impressed with this service. It costs a very reasonable £29.99 a month to subscribe (the first two weeks are free) and with an average annual profit of just under 300 points, you should be looking at around £2600 a year profit, after subscription costs, betting just £10 stakes.

If you want to bet £25 stakes, you’re looking at over £7000 a year profit, after subs and after Betfair commission for a few minutes each morning putting your bets on.

Very nice.

This one is definitely approved with bells on, and certainly added to my own betting portfolio.

You can try AW Service for free here:Approved2