I have been looking at The Racing Tipster, a horse racing tipping service with a range of subscription options from £50 per month.

The service is simple to operate, you get an email with selections in before 10:30 each day, or you can check the selections on a website. All bets are win only and it is recommended that Betfair is used to place the bets.

When I started the trial, I noted that the service boasted a 39% strike rate averaging 22 points per month. The sales page now states 37% and 19 points per month, and the equity curve on the page is somewhat flat for the past few months. This has been my experience, as the trial ended break-even to all intents and purposes and slightly down once subscription costs are factored in.

It is the nature of services like this that results can go flat for a while, and that this reflected in the results on the sales page, indicates to me that this trial has coincided with an unusually bad run. It’d only take a few winners to put this back on track and I am confident that the service will hit hot form again. However, based on the results of this trial, I have to categorise this service a neutral.

You can try The Racing Tipster HERE.