the realistic trader crypto courseExciting times!

I went along to a 2-day Ultimate Trading Course in delightful Newport Pagnell on 12th May, along with another Cashmaster regular, Hugo. This was an advanced course to the Crypto Course, and in future will be offered as a separate video based course. We enjoyed an action packed, and extremely thorough two days. Armed with specific, low-risk, minimal time required, and profitable techniques that could be applied to any of the indices, major or minor currency pairs, or indeed major cryptos’s.

Also, as a result of this new course Siam Kidd is now posting many more of his trade ‘suggestions’ on a secret Facebook group. This is separate to the Crypto Facebook group but both are very active and useful.

As such, i have been both observing, paper trading some of the new (to me) methods, and have also placed 3 active trades so far. My results for those were:

GBP/USD +170 pips, EUR/JPY +164 pips, EUR/USD -25 pips

So a total of 309 pips/points from 3 trades and i have been both cautious about entries, and busy with work. As with everything i should be placing more trades as i go on and will aim to post more regular updates. Please remember these are my own trades, so as not every trade can be duplicated.

Bottom line is that i find Siam to be very knowledgable, honest and sincere. He is very active on all the groups. He preaches a slowly, slowly approach, being cautious to protect your bank at all times and learn a skill properly that could serve you forever.

With crypto currency i have also followed advice to switch holdings between a couple of coins, resulting in a 15% increase in those holdings. Whilst the value of all these crypto currencies varies daily i am looking at the total quantity i have, rather than the daily value.

The starting point for all this though was the Crypto Course. It is still the perfect time to invest in this, especially if you do not know much about it all. Speaking people at the trading event (all of whom have done the crypto course) was enlightening. Many people have been very successful/profitable so far and it is still early days.

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