I am pretty sure you have heard the words ‘Bitcoin’ or ‘cryptocurrency’ in the news recently. However, the vast majority of people I speak to have no actual idea about what Bitcoin and cryptocurrency actually are, or how to start finding out more with a view to invest.

I had started my adventure in Bitcoin through Graham’s link to Bitclub Network, about 3 years ago now, and had been very passive about what to do with my significant returns. I felt the need to learn more so that I could be in the best position to ‘roll with the punches’ of this exciting, but volatile, new asset class.

If you are unsure about whether this is for you, or whether to read on let me tell you that even being a passive investor up to this point I have seen at least a 1500% return on my initial investment 3 yrs ago. Not bad I’m sure you will agree!

Having researched into a variety of possibilities I found out about Siam Kidd and his Crypto Course. This extremely comprehensive course runs you through everything you need as a complete novice and covers topics such as:

– Getting ready to invest
– The mechanics of cryptocurrencies and why they are not ‘money’ like normal currency
– The markets – where and how to trade
– How/where to safely store your assets
– What to invest in
– Mindset around this area – coping with volatility
– His ‘Finishing School’

Now bear in mind that the list above is very brief. There are currently a total of 70 videos in the course, probably over 12 hours of content, and this has just been updated to the latest version. Even better Siam has just had the course officially CPD (continuing professional development) accredited, apparently the only one in Europe. This means that you can either run it through your business, or the business you work for if they have a CPD budget! This will also give you an indication of the thoroughness of the content as the ‘powers that be’ don’t hand out accreditation ‘willy-nilly’.

You are also granted access to a Secret Facebook Page. This is a very large and active community. Someone will always answer your question fast and Siam is posting regular updates himself, especially with trade suggestions, of what and when to buy and sell different currencies.

I thought I knew quite a lot about crypto, but I think I knew about 5-10% of the contents of this fantastic course. Now is a perfect time to get learning as Siam expects the value of these currencies to start rising again soon.

I will post follow ups through the review period, and my experiences following Siam’s updated advice over the next three months. I am also going to Siam’s ‘Ultimate Trading Course Live’ in May. As such I am already part of his Secret “Traders Facebook Group’. This is not included in the Crypto course but is the only Upsell on offer, useful for those who want to take a less passive approach to getting wealthy! I’ll report back on that as well as this has demonstrated some very exciting returns!

You can get The Realistic Trader HERE