It may perhaps be remembered that I was trying out this staking software in conjunction with the discontinued service, The Horse Racing Selector, which the vendor closed down after a bad run of results, very nobly refunding his clients. Unfortunately, this also brought the test of SafeBetPlan to a close, so I felt I should report on the progress, as far as it went – and with a losing system.

Initial setup of a series of bets includes telling the software your bank size and how many points this represents. You also have an option to set how aggressively you wish the software to bet and it recommends a moderate setting to start. It apparently considers your betting results after 50 bets and re-adjusts automatically, though we never got that far with this test. I set a bank of £100 divided into 50 points.

Since we were never in profit with this service, I cant show results for that but it is interesting to see, that after a particular losing run of 11 bets, with the bank down to below half, the software was still only up to a stake of £14 (from base stake of £2) and two winners in the next 6 bets left us with a bank total of £89.83 against a level stakes bank of £52.50, so one can see that the Plan has at least kept the losses reasonable. It seems fair to assume that a system or service with rather better than a 10% strike rate, which is what this enjoyed, would do rather better.

I am encouraged to try this with a better service and I hope to do that shortly. It looks as though it could be a very useful addition to ones betting armoury.

You can get Safe Bet Plan here: