The Saver System is one of two systems sold as a package by ADK
Publishing. It is a well known system that has been around for
about thirty years and is advertised in the Racing Post paper
regularly. It boasts of annual profits of over £30,000 and with
such a history it seems apparent that this is no fluke.

I decided to give the Saver System a go on the recommendation of a
trusted reviewer. He has tested the system since last October and
said “I am growing more confident in The Savers ability to
continuously provide me with winners and see this system as very
much a standalone backing system for my portfolio”. In the six
months of his test the longest losing run was just six, which
sparked my interest as an additional selection system to use with
Cash Master, but being able to provide a decent level stake profit
too is also a big bonus for people that like to ‘bet and forget’.

I started the test on 10th March on the blog and in the following
weeks I had 22 bets. 11 winners and 11 losers giving a 50% strike
rate and 3.54 points profit. Not bad at all. The longest losing run
was 3 and the longest winning run was 4. I was £892 in profit in
just over two weeks and getting quite excited but unfortunately a
spate of losers at the end of the month brought the profit down
again to £354 by the end of the month, although this is quite
normal for horse racing, especially when crossing over from the
National Hunt to Flat racing.

One thing I particularly like about this system is the speed with
which you can identify selections. There are five selection
criteria and I discovered that instead of going through the
criteria from 1 to 5, if you go through them backwards i.e. look
for the fifth criteria first and work back, you can skim through
the races at breakneck speeds since you are only looking for one
particular thing to start. So you go to the first race and if that
criteria is not apparent you skip to the next, and the next until
you see it. Then it’s just a matter of glancing at a few other
things, all on the same page without the need to cross reference
anything and you’re done. Even on a busy Saturday I reckon it took
no longer than three or four minutes to find the bets and in the
week even less time. This really takes the tedium out as some
systems can take up to twenty minutes a day before you know if
you’ve even got a bet.

I’m going to carry on using this system myself because I’m
confident that it produces the long term profits claimed and
because of the short losing runs I think it’ll also be ideal to use
with Cash Master. All in all I recommend this system based not only
on my own experiences but also on the experience of another trusted
system tester, and so I shall be moving this one to my approved
section. I will also keep you updated as to my profits with this
system as the year progresses.

And this is just the Saver System. Don’t forget we also get the
Legacy with this so I will be running a test on that next month on
the blog too.