I’ve been continuing to use The Saver system with Cash Master in May.
I did miss a day or two but the results are superb. I made £390 profit
with the longest losing run being just three and minimal stakes. One
thing I did do was bet on odds-on selections. This is something I don’t
normally recommend however with The Saver system the strike rate is so
good (51% in May) that I felt it was ok to do so.

Even more encouraging was the the level stake profit for May. Betting
£100 level stakes would have returned a profit of £1,411 which is even
more than March and April. I’m continually impressed by this system
and definitely recommend it for use with Cash Master and for straight
forward level staking.

One thing to take note of, however, is that from October 06 the longest
losing run with The Saver had been just 6. We recently had a losing run
of 7 from 31st May until a winner yesterday so it’s not infallible.