I didn’t use the Saver System myself in June so thanks to Peter for
forwarding his stats for this system and also for the extra testing
he did, detailed below, which makes very interesting reading.

There were 39 qualifying bets of which only 10 won. The longest losing
run was 9 this month and the level stake profit was -18.53 points.
This is certainly a change of fortunes for the Saver system however
let’s not be too hasty here. As most of you know, level staking will
always produce down months and I believe June was one of the wettest
in recorded history which doesn’t help matters when horses that have
been trained to run on good to firm ground find themselves running in

Peter has also been testing what would happen if you slightly alter
the system rules and his results have been encouraging. One of the
system rules is that the qualifying selection must have the sole
highest RPR rating so Peter looked to see what would happen if you
included selections that were joint highest RPR. Well, June also
showed a small loss on these selections of -2.59 points but this was
a lot better than the official system results. He also monitored the
results of races that had 15+ runners and determined that if these
races were disqualified then the Joint RPR results would have shown
a profit of 5.16 points in June!

Peter will continue to monitor these stats but from the look of June
it would seem on the face of it that including joint RPRs and
excluding races with 15+ runners will produce better results.

Despite a disappointing month for the Saver the long term results are
still very encouraging. Peter used my data from April and May to work
out and average profit using both joint and sole RPR runners and it
showed an average of £1341 profit per month.

Thanks very much Peter for this information, I look forward to seeing
you data for July.