Thought it would be time for an update of the Saver System (The Legacy & Saver System). Thanks goes to Pete who has been experimenting with the filters, particularly measuring the difference of using sole highest RPR or joint favourite RPR. Here’s his results for July:

The super saver system in it’s original state returned £373 profit (ie just with the sole highest RPR races).

Adding in the Joint highest RPR provided some interesting results. Overall great profits of £1174. However this was mainly due to the races with 15 or more runners. While these provided big losses in June, they provided profits of £1600 in July! Overall the joint highest RPR races didn’t perform as well as the sole highest ones but the average winning odds was higher meaning the win % doesn’t need to be as high. Both joint and sole races turned in profits so overall not a bad result for July.

I still think the joint ones need to be monitored for a while but the original super saver looks to have gone back to it’s winning ways. Hopefully this means June was just a blip due to the rubbish weather. There was also rubbish weather in July so it’ll be interesting to see what August brings. I have also started recording results based on the Going. There’s not enough data at the moment to gauge anything yet.

Thanks for that Pete!

Another thing to note is that I heard from the publishers of this system and they wanted to make us aware that you actually get even higher profits if you take the early prices. So the results we have been getting are based on SP prices but they would be a lot better still taking the early price.