Just a quick update on the Saver system.

I have been continuing to use the Saver system and am even more impressed. For April I thought I would test it out in conjunction with Cash Master, because then I know I’m guaranteed to make a profit even if it doesn’t perform as well with level stakes. There were 29 bets, 12 winning and 17 losing which is a 41.38% strike rate. The longest losing run was three (as it was in March) and so I made £290 profit with minimal stakes and hardly any effort. Interestingly though, it still produced the goods betting to level stakes with a 4.18 point profit for the month which would be £418 at £100 level stakes or £41.80 betting with tenners.

I shall continue to use the Saver System as part of my betting arsenal from now on and update you again next month.