Last November and December I tested a backing system called The Legacy. This system has been around for years but during my test it failed to produce a profit. Now to be fair, as I mentioned on my last post, a great many systems and tipsters were struggling, and still are, possibly due to the very warm winter and subsequent poor turf conditions. I was recently contacted by the publisher who told me that the Legacy system always performed better during the flat season (April-October) but that the extra system that came with the Legacy, called the Saver System, tended to perform well when the Legacy is struggling and I hadn’t actually got around to testing it. I read a review of the Saver System in a racing publication in which it mentioned that the longest losing run in the last five months had been just five and that a level stake profit had been attained. Indeed it even gave a winning run of eight which is pretty impressive for a backing system.

With that in mind I thought I would put it to the test myself. I will be looking at the level stake profit/loss but also the average length of the losing runs and number of bets. After all, even if the level stake profit is minimal, with the longest losing run being just five since last October, it could also be a good system to use in conjunction with Cash Master.

One of the system criteria is no All Weather races so there is nothing today.