This is a new system from the guys at Bet2Win (aka Punters Pal).  The service targets short odds and while some selections may be odds against, the majority will be odds on.  To quote from the sales page “… the selection must be forecast 1/2 or less in the Racing Post. NB, forecast, not actual SP. So skilled are the Racing Post odds compilers that they are a more accurate guide to the result than the live market, e.g. SP. Also, for example, forecast odds-on doesn’t mean that the selection will go off odds-on…”  However, I wouldn’t suggest backing every selection with an RP forecast of 1/2 or less as there are other filters that, understandably, are not being made public.

Emails are sent out the previous evening – around 8pm – and are posted on a password protected page of the site.  Subscriptions are £60 for 90 days, or £35 per month.

With a strike rate of around 80% but short odds and just one or two selections a day and some days none, I expect this to be a slow-burn.  So I will trial it as long as is needed, but unless my wires are crossed the service doesn’t go live until this coming Friday.  Also, there will be only 200 subscribers and the doors will close when the 200 is reached.  Mark and John Cutts are well respected and if they say they will close the doors when they have 200 subscribers, they will close the doors when they have 200 subscribers.  With that in mind, if you are contemplating subscribing it may be necessary to make a quick decision, even when the trial has only been running for a few days.

Subject to me receiving confirmation, advised staking is 10% of the current bank (stake size updated daily), the advised bank is £1000 minimum and bets should be placed with BOG bookies.  Initially I will show results at the BOG price I take and at BSP.  If, as I expect, recording at BSP turns out to be a pointless exercise, I will drop these from the results.