For health reasons I had to put this final review on the back burner for a long time. If the service had performed differently the delay would have caused me some concern. Fortunately for my conscience, I cannot believe that anyone of sound mind who had followed the trial – no matter how casually – would be anxious to rush out and subscribe.

During the course of the trial this service was one of the most consistent performers I have come across. Unfortunately, it wasn’t consistent in a way that was even remotely profitable. Had this been a laying service, targetting odds on favourites and using the laying equivalent of the advised staking plan (which equates to 10% of the bank as liability), the bank would have grown exponentially. Unless my math is faulty – always possible – had I run the trial for another couple of weeks (see next paragraph) a £1000 bank would have been turned into around £5000. This would have made it the best service by far that I have trialled. Sadly, The Savings System is a backing service and my notional £1000 bank was turned into £339.26 in 80 days and that was up from £289.34 a couple of weeks before.

Despite this poor performance, I had intended to run the trial for an additional couple of weeks, but when I sat down to bring the posts up to date I decided that with the bank down even more, to about £200, there was no point in continuing, especially as it had already failed two key criteria: unacceptable draw down on the bank and inability to profit over three months.

I gave this service considerable benefit of the doubt, much more than I would normally. This was in part because past results showed that there had been at least one large draw down on the bank, from which the service had recovered. Also, my understanding is that this is intended as a long term investment and an (unconventional) alternative to a pension fund and this led me to be lenient. With the benefit of hindsight, I should have been less lenient not more. With apologies if I’m stating the obvious, irrespective of their track record pension funds are intended as safe/low risk investments. Everyone I know would bail out long before their pension fund, conventional or otherwise, was down by anything remotely approaching 80 percent.

I concluded that even though it is possible that this service may make a profit over the long term, not only had it failed to make a profit over three months, it would be impossible for it to make a profit over six months and even with a fair wind it would be a struggle for it to show a profit over a year.

Due to what I expect is a minor glitch (nothing sinister), I no longer have access to the official results, which are accurate.  However, the last time looked – I think around three weeks ago – the bank had recovered somewhat. At that time, anyone who had subscribed from around the end of January should have doubled their bank. Despite this turnaround my notional bank would still have been down by around 60%.

However this service performs over the long term, I regret that it failed the trial in spectacular fashion and that is where I recommend it be filed, under failed.

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