Not looking good this one. The Selectors selection criteria are obvious and too simplistic in my opinion to produce long term results. The software itself is good in the way it reads the Racing Post, but you could spend 15 minutes a day doing this yourself I reckon. But then why would you want to with results like these? Of course, this could just be a bad month so I’ll keep this going for 4-6 weeks to see if we see a turnaround.

Fridays Bets:

Catterick 5:45 Marvo LOST -£50
Catterick 6:15 Ashwinder Non-Runner
Catterick 7:45 Fire Up The Band LOST -£50
Catterick 8:15 A Big Sky Brewing LOST -£50
Catterick 8:15 Tanforan LOST -£50
Newbury   1:50 Grande Caiman LOST -£50
Newbury   2:55 Tadalavil LOST -£50
Newbury   4:05 She’s So Pretty LOST -£50
Newbury   4:35 Celticello LOST -£50
Newmarket 6:00 Cornus LOST -£50
Newmarket 6:00 Amicus Meus LOST -£50

Daily Profit:-£500
Total Profit:-£771