I came across a pretty neat looking piece of software yesterday that logs into your Racing Post account and goes through all the days race cards in next to no time and then spit’s out the recomended bets for the day. All you do is fire it up, enter your Racing Post login details, enter todays date from the drop down menu (or tomorrows if doing it the night before) then press the ‘Get Selections’ button.

It then takes about 30 seconds to go through all the cards looking for certain crietria for the system bets, and, well thats it!

You then click on View Options and click on 3 Element System and it shows the bets for the day, and these are the bets I will be testing out over the next few weeks. Couldn’t get any easier.

Under the options you can tick some other boxes which add extra criteria and so narrow down the number of bets and one would imagine this would increase the strike rate, but for the purpose of this test I’ll see how the core system does in it’s own right.

It came up with seven selections today although two of those are in the same race, so I will bet one point on each and see how it does.

I’ll run this test betting £50 level stakes on each selection.