I’m back with another backing system to review this month – The Sharp End.

The Sharp End is another publication from Sportsworld Publishing.  I don’t know what it is with these guys but, just like the CashBooster system, the manual appears to be somewhat unfinished, with references to examples and pages that just don’t exist!  Once again, as a starting point, it fails to fill me with any confidence.

However, the system itself is very simple. It requires a copy of The Racing Post (the newspaper this time, not the web site!) and checks take only a couple of minutes. As with the CashBooster system, I suspect that it will throw up only a handful of selections during the trial period, as it seems fairly selective.

I am in the process of determining whether it is possible to determine the necessary information from the Racing Post web site (thereby saving the £1.60 daily cost of the newspaper).

The recommended staking is 10% of the bank. For the trial, I will work with a bank of £500 and will adjust my stake at the start of each day.

Here are the results for the past three days:

Monday 10th November
No Selections

Tuesday 11th November
14:00 Lingfield – Charity Lane – £50.00 @ 1.33 – WON (+16.50)

Wednesday 12th November
No Selections

Starting Bank: £500.00
Current Bank: £516.50
Profit/Loss: £16.50