Bank update

I have been recording results since September 7th. My starting bank was £400. This is smallest bank using 1% recommendations, so an each way bet is £2 win/place, and £4 for a win bet. I reset the bank on a daily basis, and place my bets at Betfair SP. Any selection priced at 5.0+ at the time of placing the bet is a win and place bet UNLESS there are fewer than 8 declared runners, in which case it’s a win only bet. If the bank falls below £400, the stakes remain at £2 win/place and £4 win because £2 is the minimum stake on Betfair (there are ways round this but I’m sticking with the minimum).

I have placed 831 bets since September 7th and the bank stands at -£48.05, so around 10 points down. Taking a view over the whole of 2018 to the end of October, the results show a profit of 215 points to BSP, and over 300 points if taking early prices at bookies. That won’t be much consolation for anybody who joined in mid June or after, putting in over 1400 bets and currently sitting on a 60+ points deficit. To be fair, this is a long-term proposition, and there’s more to the service than just the Shortlist, such as how to build your own systems, and compile your own odds.