Final review

There’s a reason why bookies love accas, which is because the proportion of payouts they have to make is significantly smaller than gains. Everyone who has ever backed an acca based on nailed on punts knows that there is always the failed banker which comes along to mess up your smart staking. It’s always happened, and it always will. There will always be your Leicester Citys who, against all the odds, beat your Manchester Citys.

I was interested in this service because it claims to have bucked the trend: by grouping (mostly) odds on value bets, they find accas which over time consistently pay for the losing runs. I have no criticism or comment to make about their skill at doing that. And for a long term investment, they can reasonably claim that three months isn’t long enough to show what they can do. I accept that, in most circumstances, but for better or worse, a three month trial is what we blog on this site. I wouldn’t really want to blog this through a longer period, I do like respite, and I didn’t get any here.

There have been close calls. The final acca of the month failed by a single home goal. But equally, there have been times, like the previous acca, where only one out of the six picks won. Furthermore, this is long term, and when you DO win, you win big, so two or three wins could put you into profit.

Having said that, this definitely isn’t for me. I don’t need to do all the usual ROI stats. The individual wins within the accas (96) outperformed the losses (76) but at the average odds, the singles would have been a hefty loss too. If you’re into accas, this may well be a decent service to smoke them out, but you have to be resilient and monied. So, there were 34 accas, 33 of them lost and the other one was a five selection acca, one of which was a non runner and another was a draw no bet which was a no bet, so ended up as a disappointing treble. There may have also been times when particular bookie offers allowed a loss for a money back guarantee.

So – if I had bet £10 per acca during the trial, I would have finished just over £290 down. There would have been no fees to pay, because only winning accas at odds over 5.0 are chargeable at £10 flat rate. If you miss a winning acca, you can tell them and they’ll refund your tenner, which is more than fair. They have also added an extra service recently of value bets on individual football matches, which is non chargeable. That’s started quite well, but there’s not enough data yet to make a valid assessment.

I’m afraid I have no interest in this service, but I want to be fair and acknowledge that it’s done OK before the review, and if you really are into accas, this may be as good as it gets. So I’m not going to fail it, for me it’s a neutral.

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