Week 8: 24 selections, 8 winner for a profit of 17.7 points

Overall: 168 selections, 50 winner for a profit of 12.91 points

Selections (using odds I actually got rather than as advised):

Le Chat D’Or (Won at 10)
Forever Yours
Arctic Angel
Cool Bahamian
Bush House (Won at 8)
Brian The Snail
Olivia Fallow
Soie D’Leau (Placed at 17)
D’Bai (Placed at 10)
Diable D’Or
Parfait (Won at 3.5)
Suzi’S Connoisseur
Novoman (Won at 12)
Silent Echo
Merry Banter
Arcanada (Placed at 12)
Robot Boy
Dark Red
Harry Angel (Won at 7)
Lord Franklin