Sorry for the delay in getting this review completed, I needed to resolve some differences between the official results and mine. Hence the figures quoted below won’t match the previous update.

The Sports Guru is a tipster from the Betting Gods stable and costs £29.95 per month or £69.95 per quarter.

Official results can be found here: Sports Guru Results

The trial finished slightly down by 27 points (£270 down at £10 per point) but in the ten days since the trial finished this has been recovered to be at break-even.

You receive one or more emails each day and place bets for the specified number of points. As the service doesn’t cover Horse Racing you should get the prices quoted, or close to them. Also, it should take longer to get your bookie accounts limited, especially if you use Jolly Lock to avoid the dreaded ieSnare. I didn’t track Betfair prices, but on the exchanges you should get more or less the same price but you’d also have to deduct commission. There are quite a few accumulators that’d be difficult to place on exchanges.

Difficult to categorise this service. Based on the trial I’d be categorising this a Neutral due to the small loss; but looking at the official results, 426+ points since June 2015 shows a level of consistency. With a staking plan that allows you to compound, I think you’d be satisfied with the results. Therefore, I am happy to approve this service.

You can try The Sports Guru for £1 here: