The Staking Machine is an invaluable tool for anyone serious about making their betting pay. If you don’t have it already, you should take a look. It’s cheap as chips and you’ll use it a lot.

Well now they’ve just released a browser based version:


They call it the TSMapp. It has virtually all of the same features as the Desktop TSM. The difference is that TSM is available in your browser. TSMapp will work in all of the popular desktop browsers (Windows/Mac/Linux) and most Tablets/Mobile Browsers (Minimum Resolution 800×400).

TSMapp is extremely simple to use throughout. The user interface is intuitive from the start. TSMapp can easily handle thousands of bets.

If you have used the Desktop TSM then you will be able to work out TSMapp without reading through the help manual. However, there is a help manual at hand to help you if you get stuck. This is accessed from within the app.

TSMapp contains virtually the same features as the desktop version. It has exactly the same staking plans and settings. The main difference is that there is no automated betting add on. The other difference is the limit on the number of the bets. As the software is browser based the limit is 10,000 bets. For a complete breakdown of features check out the site (click on Browser Based TSMapp at the top):

Try it out here